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September Yoga …changes

Dear Yoga friends,

Wow it’s September already!  Yoga Schedule the same..except….

Monday nights – At Stone Age Climbing Gym –  5 – 6 :30pm! Ashtanga Primary Lead.

– 4th Wednesday (8:30am)  every month at Versatile Vitality will be Restorative – be guided and supported in Asanas were gravity and your breath do all the “work” (mostly release of tension) and move deeper into relaxation. Gain awareness of the subtitles, the subtle body!

There are openings for individual sessions in September- review your home practice, Reiki, Posture, Yoga, $70.                             *All classes and sessions are cash or check only.


No yoga practice no benefits.
Practicing one day per week will produce very little benefit.
Practicing two days per week will maintain your present level of physical, mental and emotional fitness.
Practicing three days per week will incrementally advance your level of physical, mental and emotional fitness.
Practicing four days per week will make your body more flexible and your mind better focused.
Practicing five days per week will make you physically and mentally stronger. And much more emotionally balanced.
Practicing six day per week will unfold your very best in you.
The seventh day… one must rest to allow the body to digest the benefits accumulated during the week. …
Improve your practice!”   Malaga, September, 2011

September is bring a friend for 1/2 price to all Albuquerque classes! That’s $6 at RGCSL and $4.50 at Versatile Vitality!