hs yoga        With decades of experience as mover/teacher of  Yoga, Dance, Alexander Technique, Pilates, Authentic Movement and other methods;  Christina practices Yoga and Meditation daily, and has taught yoga in Albuquerque for over 6 years.  She continues learning from other teachers and disciplines. She specializes in working with beginners, as well as  injured and older students She uses a variety of visualization techniques, for dynamic alignment and body awareness in ways that empower students for better body mechanics in their daily lives.

Happy Mountain Yoga class agreements;
~ I respect all persons.
~ I am gentle with myself and honor my own limits.
~ I practice non-judgment for myself and others.

“The discipline of Yoga: Discipline means the capacity ‘to be’. All of the Yoga postures are not really concerned with the body- they are concerned with the “capacity to be”. To be a Yogi is to become what you can become. Yoga is the science of ‘stilling’ what has to be stilled… and ‘alerting’ what can be alerted. Yoga is a science to divide that which is not you and that which is you”. ~Osho~

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RYT 200 Hour Certification

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I am also a visual and performing artist; Black and white images are photos of recent work. – last photo is promo shot for last performance done in 2011. Now I mostly just practice the Art of YOGA!!!

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